Welcome to the Ethio Medical Network!

The Ethio Medical Network is a company that has a main objective of providing professional Advice and Services for the public regarding various health related issues. The advisory and information provision services include helping find out which particular medical institution and right medical specialist they have to visit regarding his/her specific medical problem.

Our services are also being provided for free and online as health education to the local community. Explore our website and feel free to contact us with any question you may have.

The Ethio Medical Network team


Ethio Medical Network provides a number of services to the Ethiopian Public and the major services our company provides are:

Medical Review & Referrals

If you have any health problem that requires medical review by local medical institutions, we are experts in assisting you find the appropriate, qualified and reliable medical review providers. The health assessment we help you find includes ones for an international referral Read More

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Health Problems

If you have a health problem, we can confidentially point you to the right direction in your search for medical help. Our considerable experience in the health sector is the asset we offer you in your attempt to get reliable and high quality medical assistance. Read More

Ask About Your Health

If you have any health problem or concern, you are most welcome to ask us for resources and professional help. We advise you how to explore and evaluate health service provider institutions, individuals and groups. Our response is fast. Read More


Ethio Medical Network gives a number of services to Health and Medical professionals including the following ones:

Travellers Health Info

Because travellers both from and to Ethiopia often face problem of finding sufficient and up-to-date health information on Ethiopia, our organization has made it a point of duty to provide as much reliable and accurate information as possible - most of it for free. Read More

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Preventive & Sport Medicine

In order to help you achieve good health and particularly to prevent health problems, we have a number of resources that provide you with information. Also, our website lists what sporting exercises to perform to promote good health and to recover from various ailments. Read More

Health Education

Ethio Medical Network aims at providing users with resources, information materials and research reports on various health related issues. Our educational materials help promote health and healthy living for all age groups. Read More